Sustainable Farming

Black Bear Orchards strives to stay on top of farming technological advances, particularly those that increase efficiency yet maintain ecological balance. Many of the technological advances we incorporate reduce work and are environmentally friendly at the same time.

Thanks to grants from the National Resource Conservation Service, micro sprinkler systems are now installed on 90% of our farmland. These sprinkler systems reduce work and solve water problems at the same time; they lower farm water consumption and saline levels in the Colorado river while eliminating tedious furrow irrigation maintenance. Sprinkler systems are revolutionary in increasing overall farm efficiency.

The soil our fruit is grown in is treated with natural acidic composts that are pH balanced to improve tree health in our alkaline soils.

Black Bear Orchards offers certified organic peaches and cherries and strongly adheres to the regulations set forth by the USDA for organic fruit farming. In our conventional orchards, we strive to incorporate as many natural methods as possible in the struggle against pests and the elements. Whenever possible we avoid the use of chemically engineered synthetic sprays in favor of natural solutions.